Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Introduction - Journal Entry

Hello internet!  Welcome to my first blog entry.

I am using this site as a sort of journal of my experiences with gardening, landscaping, hopefully bee keeping, and my attempts to convince the mayor of my city to allow backyard chickens.  And maybe miniature milk cows.  Seriously, these guys are cute!  But lets think small for now.

This blog is primarily for my own reference, to chart and record my plans, projects, trials and failures, and successes.  But I hope that anyone who comes across it will be helped by the information and experiences I record here.

My overall goal is:

To use the land I have in the most ethical way I can, keeping in mind the environment, food quality and to some extent quantity, soil health, health of insects (especially bees! but not overlooking many others), and beauty.

I grew up on a farm, and my parents began to farm organic while I was in my early teens.  They grew (and still do) a variety of crops, experimenting with techniques such as no till farming, intensive grazing, crop rotation beyond the typical examples, and more.

I grew up surrounded by  a diversity of farm animals, including pigs, to cows, chickens, goats, a lama, ducks, sheep, horses, and a donkey.  And usually about 25 cats minimum.  In my city house, that number is down to 2.  And they have no chance of increasing that number by any of their efforts (sorry guys!).  Also, one dog, two adorable human children, and one sexy man.

I currently live in a Canadian Prairie City with a population over 275,000.  Our 500 square foot house is on, if I remember correctly, a 25 by 150 foot lot (note to self: fact check that).  We are within walking distance to downtown (if you consider 30 minutes walking distance, which we do in the summer.  In the winters, we usually change our opinion on that).

What can you expect to find on this blog?

I'll post my own projects and dreams for my yard, research and books I've come across on related topics, how to articles  and nature journal entries, (showcasing different insects, plants etc, that I come across in my yard projects and walks).  I also hope to showcase farmers and gardeners in the area, and share what I learn from them.

Until my next entry then!


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