Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Last Week: Strawberry hot house, Kennel Planters - Journal Entry

I've been a bit lazy with this blog as I am busily applying for jobs as my maternity leave wraps up, so to start off, just a few quick updates from last week:

Here's my mini compost bin:

I will likely cover it with plastic to keep it hot and moist.  Will be buying greenhouse plastic soon anyways for my hoop house and (yay!) greenhouse (my big summer project!)

And here are the planters I've built from pallet wood, with my little helper:

These are to try to absorb some of the smell of the kennel, as well as maybe provide some shade cover (he's all ready pretty well in the shade).  So I haven't decided between vines, or spearmint.  Or maybe just flowers. 

 My pipe cleaners over my strawberries, which supports the plastic wrap:

After a couple years of needlessly struggling with slow growing strawberries, I've discovered at least of one their secrets: they like the heat!  I swear they are growing 10x faster now!  Of course, the day after I made this mini hot house, we left for 4 days, and our furnace kicked out, so they had a chilly weekend...so it's a little hard to tell!  But the heats back on now, so hopefully I'll kick start them again!

Other than this, just a lot of raking, painting, rearranging, weeding, and typical yard stuff!

We had a great weekend at my family's farm, talking mulch gardens, ground covers, hoop houses and cold frames, debating GMO, toying with ideas for extending greenhouses into the winter without heating them (reveal: my big project! stay tune), and more.  Learned a lot, and reading well into my book on permaculture right now.  Also, my online course, intro to permaculture course starts in two weeks, so it is only getting more exciting! 

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