Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tomato Transplants - Journal Entry

I got a pack of heirloom tomato seeds from the new Saskatoon Seed Library at a garden event several weeks ago.  And these plants took right off!  They were sitting in the back of my set up, under a grow light above my fridge, and I hadn't checked them for several days after planting.  I was shocked when I finally did climb up a chair to peek, and discovered several healthy well established plants less than a week later.  I wish I could remember what day exactly that I planted them, and let that be a lesson: you will not remember most of what you do, so write it down!  Which is the reason I started this online journal.  

Anyways, yesterday was finally transplant day!  I will still transplant these once more into their outdoors container, and while we have had lovely April weather this spring (plus 25 yesterday, that's in celsius), it still gets frosty at night.  I will likely begin setting these outside now and again to harden them off.

Well here is my little helper:

I think we only squished one tomato plant.  And she gets so enthusiastic about "planting" now that I use it to bribe her while running errands. (ie, "If you hurry, we can go look at plants," or "Time to go home so we can do some planting.")  It's like candy for her, I can barely keep up as she runs on ahead in her excitement.

There are some downsides to raising a nature lover, but even these are adorable.  She brings a lot of nature inside.  Including: pails of dirt, lady bugs, shovels, rocks, grass...

Here's what my current set up looks like:

I spend my current day dreaming time thinking about a floor to ceiling cart of grow lights and plants.  I'm not sure where I'll put it yet, or how I'll buy/make the set up, but nothing helps with winter blues like seeing plants grow.

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